The Platform - the site

Tourist Service - online booking or payment.

User - any person or legal entity that accesses or uses the Platform.

Tourist - The User that is the beneficiary of the Tourist Service listed on the Platform.


The Platform is operated by “TENERVENT” SRL, having its main office at str. C.Brincusi, 124/1, Chisinau, and being registered under IDNO 1012600002853.


Depending on terms and conditions provided by the Provider of the Accomodation Services, at the moment of the online booking you might be charged the partial or full amount for the booked service, and the payment will be processed to the account of Localbooking. Only payment methods offered on the Platform are accepted. The payment can be done through major cards accepted on the Platform (VISA and MasterCard). Fees and taxes might fluctuate based on the exchange rate.

From the moment your booking is done, we act exclusively as an intermediary between you and the Provider of Accomodation Services. We are sending details of your booking to the appropriate Provider (Providers) of the Accomodation Services, and we’re also sending you a confirmation email on behalf of the Provider of Accomodation Services ordered.

User’s Obligations

You agree to the following obligations:

  • financial responsibility for all transactions performed to your account or name
  • you are 18 years or older and have the legal capacity to initiate legal actions
  • you are warranting the correctness of data provided about yourself or members of your family
  • you agree not to use the Platform on speculative purposes, nor generate false or fraudulent bookings.

Cancelations (Refunds) and Changes

If you wish to cancel or change your booking (and the Provider of Accomodation Service allows this thing), it is your responsibility to inform Localbooking online, in written or by phone about your intentions. In some cases it is not possible to cancel or change some of the booked services or you might need to follow some requirements in order to do so. Localbooking and the Provider of Accomodation Services accept any forms of written requests. Localbooking and the Provider of Accomodation Services can not cancel or change the Tourist Service your booked before receiving your written request. You can also cancel or change your order through this Platform.

Please note that in case of a refund, it will be executed directly to your card that you have used during booking.

Security Policy

Localbooking is using best practice secured technologies in order to protect your personal data and financial transactions.

Privacy Policy

LocalBooking will store some of your data in order to register and execute your booking. We will share your contact data (name and phone) with the Tourist Service provider so that they can contact you and ensure a proper delivery of the service you have purchased

LocalBooking is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This data will be shared with 3rd party entities only in the way described above and only for ensuring the delivery of purchased services.

Changes to Terms of Service

Localbooking reserves the right to modify or update anytime the Terms of Service of this Platform without any prior written consent. The actual version of Terms of Service will be published on the Site right from the date the updates come into operation. You accept these changes by continuing to use this Platform after such updates are published.

Force Majeure

Loocalbooking will not be held liable for any failure of or delay in the performance of this agreement in case of force majeure events. Force majeure events include, but are not limited to, governmental interventions, wars, kidnappings, fires, floods, thunderstorms, strikes, terrorist attacks or industrial actions that can affect Localbooking or its Providers.